Technology is changing faster than ever. How will you keep up?

Organizations turn to leasing to help them adapt to the world’s rapidly changing technology environment. Leasing enables you to make the best decisions at the right time to ensure your future growth. Here are just a few reasons why 8 out of 10 organizations choose to lease or finance equipment:

Control your budget. 

Access all the technology you need today, while spreading the cost over the lease term. If something changes and you want to adjust your budget, your leasing company can revisit, revise and rewrite the lease to fit.

Invest your cash.

Leasing equipment that depreciates, like technology, frees up cash flow and lines of credit for other opportunities. Many organizations prefer to invest that money in revenue-generating projects or reserve it for the unexpected.

Change your mind.

It’s hard to predict when the next generation of technology will be released. With leasing, you are never at the mercy of manufacturer timelines, making it the perfect solution for acquiring technology.

Manage your refresh.

It’s easy to put off IT refresh when you don’t have a plan in place. But stretching IT beyond useful life just isn’t efficient. A disciplined IT refresh is easy with leasing. The next upgrade is always on the calendar.

Offload your disposal.

Technology disposal can be a time-consuming headache. When you lease, simply send equipment back to the leasing company to sanitize and resell or disassemble and recycle, keeping you and the environment safe.

Lean on your leasing company.

The team at your leasing company should complement your own purchasing, finance and IT teams – placing orders, managing payments to vendors, working within your budget and providing proper disposal.

Increase your bottom line.

When done properly, leasing costs less than owning. A quality leasing company will invest a residual value in your equipment, which means you pay less than the original equipment cost, equating to real savings.

Listen to the experts.

Technology research analyst IDC says leasing provides a level of automation, flexibility and simplicity that gives customers a strong IT asset management plan and reduces total cost of ownership.

Turn to CSI.

Customers turn to CSI for superior service from industry experts. We are the resource, not only for financial solutions, but for help with asset management, end of life data security, disposal and more – all on a global scale.

Download IDC research to read about the most common reasons companies choose to lease technology.